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            1. Products > Protein Series > Textured Soy Protein

              Textured Soy Protein

                Product definition :
                 Non-transgenic soy protein
                Manufacturer :
                 Gushen Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd.

                Technical indicators :

                MIcrobIologIcal data:

                Gushen Soybean Tissue Protein is made from domestic high-quality non-GM soybeans, which are peeled, degreased, extruded, expanded,  and treated at high     temperature and high pressure.
               Pure natural vegetable protein product, free of cholesterol and any additives, with good water absorption, oil retention and fibrous structure.
               The palate is similar to meat and is an ideal high protein meat additive. Gushen Soy Protein is widely used in the frozen food and meat industry.
               In addition, it can be processed directly into a variety of vegetarian and imitation meat products.


                 8kg/15kg/20kg packaging. The three-layer kraft paper is lined with a layer of food grade polyethylene inner film.

              Storage method  

                Store at low temperature and dry place. It should not be mixed with odor or volatile substances.
                It should be protected from rain and moisture and stored  for less than 25 degrees Celsius for 12 months.


                 Jewish certification, halal certification, HACCP, BRC, ISO9001:2008, ISO22000:2005 international quality system certification and IP certification.