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            1. Gushen Group wastewater self-monitoring program

              Main monitoring project
              The main monitoring project of wastewater of Gushen Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd. is COD.
              Monitoring points : According to the requirements of the environmental impact assessment report and

              Schematic diagram of wastewater treatment process:

              二、Main monitoring project
              The main monitoring project of wastewater of Gushen Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd. is COD.
              Third, monitoring points:
              According to the environmental impact assessment report and its approval and environmental monitoring management requirements, one monitoring point is set. It is located at the northwest corner of the constructed wetland and is equipped with automatic monitoring equipment for real-time monitoring throughout the day. The monitoring points are as follows:


              四、Wastewater monitoring method and instrument

              The Gushen Group wastewater is monitored by a combination of manual monitoring and automatic monitoring.

               1、Automatic monitoring

              Entrusted third-party testing agency Dezhou Huayun Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. to transport our company's wastewater monitoring equipment
              Automatic monitoring equipment situation table

              Monitoring points

              Monitoring project

              Equipment model

              Number of equipment and manufacturers


              Total discharge


              CODet-5000 type

              1 set (Hangzhou Zetian)



              WL-1A1 type

              1 set (Beijing Jiu Bo)


              2、Manual monitoring 

              In the case that the automatic monitoring equipment is in the process of overhaul and abnormal operation, manual monitoring is adopted, and manual monitoring is carried out by self-administered monitoring. The sewage treatment station is equipped with an independent laboratory, and the instrument is fully equipped and standardized; 2 technicians are equipped, and all have obtained the certificate issued by the environmental protection department.

              Serial number

              Analysis Project

              Analysis method and basis

              The detection limit

              Instrument name




              Potassium dichromate method

              GB 11914-1989


              COD thermostat heater

              五、Frequency of monitoring 

              The Gushen Group implements 24-hour online automatic continuous monitoring of COD and wastewater flows. The COD is monitored once a day by manual monitoring when the automatic monitoring equipment is under maintenance and abnormal operation.

              六、Execution of emission standards and their limits

              Implementation of emission standards: Shandong Province Haihe River Basin comprehensive discharge standards for water pollutants (DB37 675-2007) Table 4 secondary standard and its revised single Lu quality supervision issued [2011] No. 35: COD ≤ 60mg / L.

              七、Monitoring quality control measures

              1. Automatic monitoring of wastewater pollutants: Calibration and maintenance of automatic monitoring equipment in accordance with the Technical Specifications for Acceptance of Online Monitoring System for Water Pollution Sources (Trial) (HJ/T 354-2007).

              2. Recording requirements: The operation and maintenance records of the automatic monitoring equipment, and the contents of all kinds of original records should be complete and signed by relevant personnel for three years.

              3. Manual monitoring and monitoring Strictly implement the “Technical Specifications for Environmental Monitoring” and “Methods for Monitoring and Analysis of Water and Wastewater” to implement quality assurance throughout the entire process. Laboratory personnel are certified to work.

              八、Self-monitoring information announcement

              (一)Method of publication

              1. The enterprise shall promptly report the self-monitoring information to the municipal environmental protection department in accordance with the requirements, and announce the self-monitoring information to the public on the website of the municipal environmental protection department.

              2. Open the self-monitoring information through the website of Gushen Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd.

              (2) Announcement content

              1. Basic information:

              company name

              Gushen Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd.

              legal representative

              Zhang Ween

              Production and operation site address

              Middle section of Caiyuan Road, Lingxian Economic Development Zone

              Postal code


              industry category

              Bean products manufacturing

              Is it put into production?


              Date of production


              Unified social credit code


              Production and operation center center longitude


              Production and operation site center latitude


              Person in charge of sewage technology

              Li Xiangjun

              contact number


              Automatic monitoring manufacturer

              Dezhou Huayun Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

              Commissioned monitoring agency


              2、Self-monitoring program.

              3. Self-monitoring items and results: all monitoring points, monitoring time, types and concentrations of pollutants, standard limits, compliance standards, excess standards, pollutant discharge methods and discharge destinations.

              4. Reasons for self-monitoring have not been carried out.

              5. Annual report on pollution source monitoring.

              (三)Time limit for publication

              1. The basic information of the enterprise shall be announced together with the monitoring data. If the basic information and self-monitoring plan are adjusted and changed, the latest content shall be announced within five days after the change.

              2. The manual monitoring data is announced the next day after each monitoring is completed.

              3. The automatic monitoring data should publish the monitoring results in real time. The automatic monitoring equipment for wastewater is the average value every 2 hours.

              4. Announce the annual report of self-monitoring last year before the end of January each year.

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