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            1. China Valley God defeated DuPont

              Column:Group News Time:2012-05-24
              The First Financial Daily reported that the EU terminated the anti-dumping investigation on soybean protein in China, and DuPont’s plot was defeated.

              China Valley God defeated DuPont

              The First Financial Daily reported that the EU terminated the anti-dumping investigation on soybean protein in China, and DuPont’s plot was defeated. The tragedy of the murder of the US soybean industry and the soybean market by the US GM soybeans is still vivid. As a soybean company in China, it is either a man to fight or a sinful humiliation in the United States.
              As a su

              perpower, the United States is not only the world leader in the fields of economy, science and technology, but also no one in the agricultural field. In the agricultural field with such a level and status, it should not be enemies with others, and others will not dare to be enemies with them, but why do they have to file an anti-dumping allegation against China? In fact, this not only reflects the mentality of the American people and enterprises, but also reflects the mentality of the United States, which is a double standard. One standard for one's own country and one standard for other third countries.

              DuPont's market share in the European soybean protein market is 50%-70%. The share of Chinese soybean protein in Europe is only a fraction of its size. Why is it dumped? How come threats or damage to European industries? DuPont has already controlled the European market. Is this normal? Is this not a threat or damage to the European soy protein industry?

              At present, some Chinese people are always bragging about the US national system, economic model, product technology, etc., as long as the United States is good, right. In fact, the United States (including DuPont, Monsanto, Pioneer) is a wolf, a wolf that is always unfamiliar, a wolf in sheep's clothing. Confuse you with the gentleness of the sheep, bite you when you are not paying attention, even your life. DuPont v. China soybean companies dumping is a good example. On the one hand, we set up various enterprises in China, exploiting the Chinese policy, and stealing China's wealth; on the other hand, we want to kill Chinese companies in the agricultural-related fields and stifle them in the cradle. This is the wolf ambition. The Chinese government should drive out US companies such as DuPont, Monsanto, and Pioneer out of China.

              Yesterday, the "First Financial Daily" learned from the China Soybean Industry Association that a few days ago, the European Commission issued a final decision. As the EU concentrated soybean protein industry has not been substantially damaged, and the cause and effect are alleged to be problematic, it is recommended to terminate the Chinese concentrated soy protein. Anti-dumping investigation of products and no anti-dumping measures.